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Abrasa BBQ Restaurant  2019

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Specialties of the best meats grilled  with olive wood. Grilled Argentinian style only at Abrasa BBQ, the Best Grill in Marbella.

The best RIBEYES and STEAKS of ARGENTINIAN meat 100%.    To taste and savor, always at exact point, accompanied by a wide selection of Spanish and Argentine Wines. We wait for you !!!

Suckling pig and Lamb Lechazo grilled with olive wood oven, for that unique and particular taste with the most tender and tasty meat. Only in our Abrasa BBQ Restaurant in the best Grill in Marbella. Only Under Reservation 24hs before.


From the year 1880 to 1950, several European migratory currents from the North of Italy, "the Piedmont", MONFERRATO, arrived in the center and south of Argentina, taking with them its gastronomy, and within it, a very typical food, the "BAGNA" CAUDA ", sauce based on cream of milk, with crushed garlic, anchovies and butter, in which vegetables, toast and potatoes are impregnated. Today is a well-known food in Argentina.

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